Embrace the concept of the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor


The Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor is a concept which will unite and link individuals and entities from within the 11 county Middle Georgia region. These individuals and entities will all be connected to innovation and emerging/accelerating technologies via industry, research, education, workforce, Robins Air Force Base and local communities. The corridor will continually evolve as innovation is always evolving. The corridor will be dynamic, proactive and progressive as new technologies accelerate. As a regional corridor, the corridor will be collaborative, inclusive and agile in adapting to new technologies, sharing information and attracting new talent/retaining talent for the workforce that is needed now and into the future. The ultimate aim of the Middle Georgia Innovation Project is to build an innovation ecosystem and position Middle Georgia as a “Software Center of Excellence”.

Take the Pledge

I pledge to support the concept of the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor. This pledge is my commitment to actions that will develop from the launch of the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor. Initial actions include:

  1. Commit to working with the Innovation Corridor ecosystem to share and promote examples of best practice in local innovation.
  2. Commit to the cross promotion of innovation success stories of entities involved within the Innovation Corridor, in order to maximise publicity and tell the story of innovation across the region.
  3. Identify the innovation capacity in my organization/institution/company which will build the existing and future workforce, and work to connect to like-minded innovators in the region.
  4. Tell the story about the liveability appeal, affordability, educational assets and the beauty of the Middle Georgia region to help develop our current talent, and attract new people and their families.

For more information about The Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor, please contact:

Angie Gheesling, Executive Director
Development Authority of Houston County
200 Carl Vinson Parkway Warner Robins, GA 31088
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