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The demand for skills in Industry 4.0 technologies, digital sciences, and software engineering is ever-increasing. The Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor is a people-first collaboration of the cities and counties in the region, onboarding the support of local governments to increase Middle Georgia as a recognizable area for innovation focused activities and leading-edge industries.

This marketing toolkit provides our stakeholders with vetted and pertinent resources to guide the process of aligning with the requirements and support of partnering with the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor and its partners. This exciting undertaking advances our region for innovation positioning Middle Georgia to be local, national, and global leaders for workforce and industries in the current economic climate and for future growth.

Georgia Broadband Ready Community Certification

The purpose of the Broadband Ready Community Certification is for a community to demonstrate that a local unit of government has taken steps to reduce obstacles to broadband infrastructure investment. Any local government that has amended their comprehensive plan to include the promotion of the deployment broadband services and has adopted a model ordinance is eligible to apply for a Broadband Ready Community Designation (O.C.G.A §50-40-40).

Local Comprehensive Plan: The purpose of a community amending their comprehensive plan to include a broadband element is to ensure that a community adopts a strategy that demonstrates the promotion of broadband within the community. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has developed and approved the rules for the new element required for a community to include in their comprehensive plan. The rules are being communicated to local governments and Regional Commissions. Plans must include the update prior to being eligible to apply for a Broadband Ready Community Designation.

Broadband Model Ordinance: The purpose of the model ordinance is to signal a local unit of government has taken steps to reduce obstacles to broadband infrastructure investment. The broadband model ordinance has been developed through collaboration with representatives of local governments and providers.

Local Governments who have already completed the Broadband Ready Community Certification:

  • Peach County
  • City of Byron
  • City of Fort Valley
  • Baldwin County
  • City of Milledgeville
  • City of Warner Robins
  • City of Perry
For assistance with the Broadband Ready Community Certification contact:
Greg Boike, AICP
Director of Planning and Public Administration
Middle Georgia Regional Commission
Phone: 478-722-6945 (Direct) | 478-751-6160 (Main)

Graphics & Assets

Share the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor on your social media channels. Use the graphics below to help get you started, and don’t forget to use the hashtag:  #478innovates

Proclamations & Resolutions

Listed below are examples of Proclamations passed by local municipalities and counties in Middle Georgia announcing membership in the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor.

Local stakeholders interested in submitting Proclamations to their city councils can use the Sample Proclamation provided below. 

Contact Information

We are excited for you to take the next steps in fostering a culture of innovation, supporting existing industry, and building the robust and engaging community required to sustain a technology focus in the Middle Georgia region.

For more information on this collaborative effort of the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor or how we can support your business or organization please find program contact information below.

Angie Gheesling

Executive Director, Development Authority of Houston County

Office: 478-923-5470

Joseph C. Richardson, PhD., PMP

Executive Director, Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor

Office: 478-397-3490

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