A fantastic quality of life for everyone


Living in Middle Georgia means that you can plan a vacation anywhere in the world.

Atlanta airport is the 2nd busiest airport in the world and it is easy to travel nationally or internationally from the Middle Georgia region with connections to 214 international destinations across 42 countries. If you wish to plan a vacation at home, the airport connects to 151 national destinations.
If you wish to enjoy the buzz of a big city, Atlanta is only 1.5 hours away and offers an extraordinary nightlife. Middle Georgia’s Macon offers a vibrant cool culture with a burgeoning downtown, beautiful architecture, an exciting music heritage and thriving arts and cultural opportunities.
However, if you want to experience quietness and tranquillity, the beautiful beaches, forests and mountains are just a drive away. The central location of Middle Georgia means that everything that anyone could wish for is within easy reach.

Middle Georgia is the perfect place to bring up a family. The region boasts an exceptional educational system from K-12 through to Universities and Technical Colleges. Coupled with a lower than average cost of living and the safety of the region .. this is a great place to raise a family.


Less Stress

Working in the Middle Georgia region is much less stressful. On average Metro drivers in the US spend 2 hours a day caught in traffic.  Living in the Middle Georgia region offers a quick commute to work as well as many employment opportunities… from hi-tech employers through to small businesses.

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