We have selected as the website URL for the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor. The telephone prefix for the Middle Georgia region is 478.

The Middle Georgia region is fast becoming an emerging innovation hot spot.

The Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor is being propelled by an emerging cluster of technical, scientific and digital based jobs and industries. The region outperforms in areas such as Human Capital and Knowledge Creation, with the core urban concentrations of Macon and Warner Robins being especially strong. The region is home to Robins Air Force Base, which is now supporting new digital engineering systems and advanced battle management missions, in addition to its long-standing role as a manufacturing maintenance industrial complex. The region has an impressive concentration of higher education institutions that produce approximately 7,000 STEM degree graduates a year.

These factors combine to make the Middle Georgia Region an exciting location that is rapidly transforming into a modern technology corridor. It offers enticing future oriented training and career opportunities, and broad range of outdoor recreation and lifestyle choices.

Embrace the concept of the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor and read the Middle Georgia Innovation Corridor Report

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